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15 Feb, 2016
Recently, ADHOC-CC participated in a unique initiative organised by UNICEF in Geneva.  The consultation drew the participation of over 100 representatives from UNICEF field offices, head-quarters in New York, and international and national NGOs from across the globe to discuss the ways in which already existing partnerships could be enhanced in order to realize children’s rights in emergencies. It was the first UNICEF consultation with NGOs that focused on this critical topic.

Featured Project
Face-ts presents the more complex reality of life as a refugee, through a series of portraits and inspiring stories from refugees

African NGOs Speak Their Voice at UNHCR’s Annual Meeting
ADHOC CONTRACT COMMITTEE recently attended the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' 58th Executive Committee in Geneva, where it presented a well-received brief representing the thoughts of many African NGOs working with the UN agency.
HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care
Prevention & Care
  • Prevention & Community Mobilisation 
  • Information, Education & Communication
  • Care & Support
  • Capacity Development
  • Reducing stigma and discrimination


The HIV/AIDS pandemic remains a global health emergency and in Africa causes more deaths than wars, famines or floods. In 2006 Sub-Sahara Africa harboured nearly 65% of the estimated 40 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the world. The results are devastating with some 6,000 people across the continent dying each day, leaving millions of AIDS orphans.

When people are displaced from their country of origin or within the borders of their own country their lives are overturned, social norms are disrupted and access to basic needs can become difficult. This has an enormous effect on their lives and the lives of host communities, often bringing a sense of powerlessness, poverty and social instability. In such a context the risk of sexually transmitted infection and HIV/AIDS is exacerbated, as people can lack the information, preventatives, treatment, care and support that they need. However this situation is avoidable if the right services are put in place and populations sensitised and equipped against the disease.

ADHOC-CC is dedicated to providing the necessary information and services to enable and empower vulnerable communities to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS. Prevention and community mobilisation are key to our work and we run many programmes to this ends. Activities include; information, education and communication campaigns (IEC), awareness raising sessions, anti-AIDS clubs, peer education programmes, sensitisation campaigns, youth programmes and condom distribution. To compliment such activities we produce outreach materials, set up resource centres, host events and support outreach activities such as drama, poetry and music presentations.

Specialists in healthcare, ADHOC-CC provides communities with a broad spectrum of medical support and care services, recognising the physical, social and psychological effects of HIV/AIDS. We promote and deliver voluntary counselling and testing, prevention of mother to child transmission, reproductive health services, necessary STI/HIV/AIDS treatment, medical referrals and home based care. We believe that people with AIDS deserve to live as healthy and positive life as possible and work with individuals and communities to achieve this. We run numerous programmes for people living with AIDS, providing training for home based carers (often family members), supporting income generating activities and promoting community awareness and understanding.

The participation of assisted populations and local/community based organisations is essential to ADHOC-CC, in order to maximise the impact and sustainability of our work. For this reason much time and effort is spent on capacity development; delivering training, strengthening resources, integrating services and advocating for greater opportunity and empowerment.