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15 Feb, 2015
Recently, ADHOC-CC participated in a unique initiative organised by UNICEF in Geneva.  The consultation drew the participation of over 100 representatives from UNICEF field offices, head-quarters in New York, and international and national NGOs from across the globe to discuss the ways in which already existing partnerships could be enhanced in order to realize children’s rights in emergencies. It was the first UNICEF consultation with NGOs that focused on this critical topic.

Featured Project
Face-ts presents the more complex reality of life as a refugee, through a series of portraits and inspiring stories from refugees

African NGOs Speak Their Voice at UNHCR’s Annual Meeting
ADHOC CONTRACT COMMITTEE recently attended the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' 58th Executive Committee in Geneva, where it presented a well-received brief representing the thoughts of many African NGOs working with the UN agency.


17 Aug, 2015
presents the more complex reality of life as a refugee, through a series of portraits and inspiring stories from refugees
To celebrate the efforts of all those with whom we work, the affected populations, organisations and dedicated ADHOC-CC staff, we have launched Face-ts… a millennium project giving voice to those who go unheard, using a wide range of media.

Face-ts presents the more complex reality of affected populations, through a series of portraits and inspiring stories from refugees, internally displaced persons and other vulnerable communities. Based on the idea that affected populations are to often reduced to numbers and statistics – victims of their own circumstance, a description which totally fails to acknowledge the multifaceted nature of their experience, Face-ts seeks to present a more complex reality, enabling people to share their stories, thoughts and aspirations, demonstrating survival, strength, empowerment and dignity.

Activities so far have included a Refugee Day photo exhibition, taken at Kiziba refugee Camp in Rwanda, along with one to one interviews. Following the millennium launch many more events are planned, including an ADHOC-CC Ethiopia photo tour, group discussions, and a unique ADHOC-CC film exploring the experience of humanitarian assistance from the perspective of service users. Re-visit this page for updates in the future.

Refugee Day Photo Exhibition

ADHOC-CC has worked with refugees in Rwanda since 1994, when the organization was launched in response to the atrocities of the Rwandan Genocide. Amongst other projects we currently manage the Kiziba Refugee Camp, providing much needed assistance to thousands of people. At ADHOC-CC’s request, well known Ethiopian photographer Michael Tsegaye kindly took some time out, along with ADHOC-CC volunteer Susanne Doettling, to meet some of the camps residents. In doing so they met an array of inspiring characters, each going about their daily life at Kiziba, working to overcome the challenges they face, contribute to the community they live in and positively affect the future. Below is a small selection of the people who generously invited Susanne and Michael to share in their stories.

ADHOC-CC would like to extend a special thank you to the Kiziba Refugee Camp Community (for their warm welcome - especially those who took part), ADHOC-CC Rwanda staff (for their excellent support), UNHCR (for the invitation to display our work at the Refugee Day celebrations), the African Union (for welcoming us to the event), Michael Tsedgae (for his time and talent) and Susanne Doettling (for organising and implementing the project).

The Singer

“I believe everything is possible! It is possible to protect yourself from HIV/AIDS, if you are infected you can learn and understand that there is hope and that there are ways to live a long and positive life.

This is what I sing about. I am dedicated to music and I find music in everything, in the rhythm of a wooden stick knocking on my table. My dream is to become a famous singer, but my dream is far away, as I am a refugee. I don’t know where to go next, as I can’t go back to my country. Nobody knows when this will be possible again.

So nowadays I see myself as a young African and I believe that us Africans have to be healthy and strong to build up our countries and do something for peace and reconciliation”

… 23 years old, arrived at the camp alone, he has gone on to become a well known face throughout the camp, thanks to his life long love of music.

The Birth Attendant

“Back in my home village I did my first delivery when I was 14 years old, my mother was also a traditional birth attendant and I learned everything from her.

I accompany women in the camp who are ready to deliver and bring them to the health centre to deliver there. Only in emergency cases I help to give birth in the women’s houses. ADHOC-CC trained me how to practice clean and fast.

It is my job and I like it! Working at my age is good. I need and love my work, as it keeps me well and god wants me to do this. I am healthy and lucky.”

… 85 years old and a traditional birth attendant, she assists women throughout the camp with safe child birth, good advice and ongoing support.

The Dancer

From my early childhood I was I singer and dancer and I am still a passionate dancer. I learned it from my father who was a singer and dancer for traditional dances. He taught me everything. I was famous in my younger age and participated in various dance companies everywhere in the country.

After I had to flee my country and now here in the camp, I train young people in the dances of their country. This keeps them linked to their culture. I am currently organising and training a dancing group in the camp so that we can show our dances on different events.

… 85 years old, came to the camp in 1996 with his wife and now works with young people sharing his love of dancing.

A special thnk you to our photographer Michael Tsegaye;

Life; Born in Addis Abeba in 1975, I came to photography by accident. Whilst studying Fine Arts at Addis Ababa University School of Fine Arts and Design, a German photographer invited me to join his workshops. With his support I discovered my passion and skill for photography, visualizing and translating the lives and experiences of others, whilst expressing my own ideas.

Approach; My camera enables me to cross all kinds of boundaries, be they physical, social or oral. With a lens I don’t have to speak a language, I let the pictures speak for themselves. I felt honored to be invited into the lives of these people and touched by how much energy and dignity they have.

Exhibitions; 2013 – WFP / World Press, Gao, Mali Photo Essay about rice farmers * 2011 – 2013 – GTZ/ECBP Ethiopia (project visits, workshops, seminars etc) * 2012 – World Press photo essay about climate change for a pan-African * 2012 – Snap Judgments: Contemporary African Photography * 2012 – Special mention in the New Yorker magazine, April 24th addition * 2012- Kwas Meda, Goethe Institute, Gebrekristos Desta Center, Addis Abeba * 2011 – Religious Ceremonies, Royal Netherlands Embassy, Addis Abeba * 2010 – 06 Publications, including front cover image for the African Politics magazine (France).