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15 Feb, 2016
Recently, ADHOC-CC participated in a unique initiative organised by UNICEF in Geneva.  The consultation drew the participation of over 100 representatives from UNICEF field offices, head-quarters in New York, and international and national NGOs from across the globe to discuss the ways in which already existing partnerships could be enhanced in order to realize children’s rights in emergencies. It was the first UNICEF consultation with NGOs that focused on this critical topic.

Featured Project
Face-ts presents the more complex reality of life as a refugee, through a series of portraits and inspiring stories from refugees

African NGOs Speak Their Voice at UNHCR’s Annual Meeting
ADHOC CONTRACT COMMITTEE recently attended the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' 58th Executive Committee in Geneva, where it presented a well-received brief representing the thoughts of many African NGOs working with the UN agency.
ADHOC-CC is governed by a Board of Trustees, whose members determine ADHOC-CC’s general policy and ensure quality and accountability both to affected populations and to donors. The Trustees appoint a Board of Directors, which sets strategic priorities and monitors and evaluates performance, standards and results. The ‘Friends of ADHOC-CC’ provide, on an ad hoc basis, information, advice and support for development and resource mobilization. 

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