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15 Feb, 2016
Recently, ADHOC-CC participated in a unique initiative organised by UNICEF in Geneva.  The consultation drew the participation of over 100 representatives from UNICEF field offices, head-quarters in New York, and international and national NGOs from across the globe to discuss the ways in which already existing partnerships could be enhanced in order to realize children’s rights in emergencies. It was the first UNICEF consultation with NGOs that focused on this critical topic.

Featured Project
Face-ts presents the more complex reality of life as a refugee, through a series of portraits and inspiring stories from refugees

African NGOs Speak Their Voice at UNHCR’s Annual Meeting
ADHOC CONTRACT COMMITTEE recently attended the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' 58th Executive Committee in Geneva, where it presented a well-received brief representing the thoughts of many African NGOs working with the UN agency.

“Since I have made my first testimonies and due to sensitisation from ADHOC-CC’s workers, my neighbours have understood that we are persons like others and that with AIDS it is possible to live a positive life.  I really thank ADHOC-CC, they have added value to my life”.
Rwandan Refugee

Since inception ADHOC-CC has assisted more than 9 million people to regain their health, dignity and wellbeing, in 16 countries throughout Africa.  We are committed to supporting and empowering affected populations, to restore their self-reliance and strengthen their capacities, thus reducing people’s vulnerabilities and contributing to an overall improvement in their living. 

As an organisation we have attained international status as a leading autonomous pan-African NGO, recognised for our quality performance, accountability and efforts towards sustainability.  Our greatest accolade is the feedback and ongoing support we receive from those whom we have assisted.  Such testimonies lead us only to work harder, achieve more and further improve the services which we deliver.

For the 13th consecutive year we have received a clean bill of health for our programmes from our partners and auditors (bar one under-performing programme in the Republic of Guinea in 2014), attesting to our high standards and abilities.

With more than a decade of experience as an African NGO working in the field, we find ourselves playing an ever increasing role in international advocacy.  We regularly attend international forum as the only southern based representative and play a crucial role in delivering an African voice to the international humanitarian sphere. 

ADHOC-CC has been instrumental in pushing forward the empowerment of indigenous NGOs and organised, in collaboration with the African Union, the international symposium on ‘Building the Capacity and Resources of African Non-Governmental Organisations’.  Recognising the unique attributes of indigenous NGOs in the attainment of more effective, accountable and sustainable humanitarian assistance, the symposium gave birth to the African Centre for Humanitarian Action (ACHA). 

Stakeholders statements;

“Your organisation did many good for we the sick refugees… so we cannot forget that at all. THANKS you, for your good work in AFRICA”. 
Liberian Refugee

“ADHOC-CC helps me to reach communities in the countryside, who do not have access to health services and information.  I feel that I am also a beneficiary of this work, myself. I have 2 children and am able to take good care of them and make decisions about my reproductive health”
Ethiopian Community Based Reproductive Health Attendant (CBRHA), employed by ADHOC-CC

“I greatly appreciate the work of ADHOC CONTRACT COMMITTEE who have been involved in filling the critical capacity void in humanitarian emergencies in Africa.  This work is all the more important at a time when protracted and new conflicts in Africa have created massive displacements, extreme suffering and human insecurity without adequate local capacity to respond to such emergencies”. 
Former Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Mr K.Y. Amoako. 

“The idea of ADHOC-CC has great value.  Such a centre would provide a much needed focal point that would accelerate the creation of sustainable African humanitarian capacity… it would go a long way in supplementing the various other efforts at the AU that target the empowerment of African institutions to enable them to take up their rightful roles in the 21st century”. 
Deputy Chairperson, The Commission of the African Union, Mr Patrick Mazimhaka