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15 Feb, 2016
Recently, ADHOC-CC participated in a unique initiative organised by UNICEF in Geneva.  The consultation drew the participation of over 100 representatives from UNICEF field offices, head-quarters in New York, and international and national NGOs from across the globe to discuss the ways in which already existing partnerships could be enhanced in order to realize children’s rights in emergencies. It was the first UNICEF consultation with NGOs that focused on this critical topic.

Featured Project
Face-ts presents the more complex reality of life as a refugee, through a series of portraits and inspiring stories from refugees

African NGOs Speak Their Voice at UNHCR’s Annual Meeting
ADHOC CONTRACT COMMITTEE recently attended the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' 58th Executive Committee in Geneva, where it presented a well-received brief representing the thoughts of many African NGOs working with the UN agency.
About Us
Spirit: Confident that African people have the necessary skills and resources to address the challenges facing the continent, we contribute toward and advocate for the furthering of an African renaissance.

Concept: Our proximity to affected populations and understanding of local contexts maximise the sustainability and accountability of the multisectoral programmes we deliver.

Composition: We draw on the commitment and expertise of our staff, 85% of whom are recruited from local communities, to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees, internally displaced persons and local communities throughout the continent.
ADHOC CONTRACT COMMITTEE (ADHOC-CC) is a pan-African non-governmental organisation (NGO) providing effective humanitarian assistance to alleviate human suffering, building on the strength of African people to solve African problems. Founded in 1994 in response to the Rwandan genocide, we have supported more than 9 million people in 16 African countries, to regain their health, dignity and wellbeing.

At the heart of our work is a firm commitment to reducing poverty through addressing crisis-related suffering and laying the foundation for recovery and sustainable development. From protecting internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Darfur, to repatriating refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to raising awareness of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia, we deliver a wide range of lifesaving services to suit complex and varying needs.
We work in partnership with local populations, listening and responding to peoples needs and empowering them to make lasting differences to their own lives. We believe that it is only through building on the capacities existent within a community and giving people ownership of their future, that real change can be achieved. We place a special focus on promoting the rights and interests of disadvantaged and excluded groups, working to empower people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWAs), women, children, orphans, elderly and those with disabilities.
ADHOC-CC employs more than 1,400 staff who bring the knowledge, experience and community ties that are so important to successful humanitarian work. By recruiting and training staff from within a community we are better able to ensure a continuum between humanitarian assistance and development.